How To Rewire An Old House Yourself Legally

Older homes must be updated with a new wiring system. Houses that were built within 20 to 40 years do not have a new wiring system put in place. Even if the breaker or fuse box might be looking modern, it does not guarantee that the wiring system is updated. Be sure to check the home outlets to see if the system is working well. Determine whether they are two-prong. This is one of the best signs that the wiring system is old. See also if there are just a few in each room. This is the best indication that the wiring system is original. It means that the wiring system was placed when the home was built.
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A Total Re-wire

If you are in the middle of deciding to rewire an old house yourself, it may take you a considerable amount of time to complete the wiring system. In most cases, the work can take anywhere between one week or more days. When you are installing the new system of wires, the age of the home is a factor to consider. The methods used to build a house many years ago are different from the recent methods.

All old wiring system in the home will need to be replaced with a set of new wires you purchased for the renovation. You also need to add more socket outlets as well as circuits to accommodate the other electronics that might not have been available for the time the original wiring system was put in place. It is also a good idea to add more to the current status because you may need them at a later time.

When you are rewiring a home, you must obtain a building permit from the local authorities. To ensure it meets the codes, the work will be inspected at different stages. The National Electrical Code has been adopted by most areas in the country as a good standard. While the code is not a federal law, it is used to make the wiring system safe.

Is It Legal To Rewire a House?

As long as the work passes inspection, the homeowner can do the wiring work. It is, therefore, important to research all codes. This does not exclude the local codes such as GFCI outlets. These are the outlets that can be used near water outlets to minimize the risk of electrical shocks such as bathrooms and kitchens. Ensure you know the number of circuits necessary for each breaker, the wire size needed, and the breaker size required.

These are some of the requirements to be met before the work begins. If you don’t reach the does properly when the inspection is conducted, the expense and time spent will increase.

Rewiring an Old House for Others

While a homeowner can do the rewiring work for themselves, they can’t extend the service to others because you require a license. The license allows securing the work permit. This is also important for liability insurance.

Working as an apprentice for a licensed electrician is the one way of becoming licensed. Other ways include taking an electrical test and passing the master electrician test. Licenses can only be obtained the state where they will work. Few states recognize licenses from other states.

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