Paper VS Paperless Offices – Why 100% Virtual Won’t Happen

The paperless option was supposed to be the way of the future. While many businesses have cut down on their paper usage, however, it’s still rare to find a truly paper-free operation. Is going paperless a pipe dream? It might just be. While there are plenty of benefits to digital operations, legacy processes still hold great value. Here are a few…
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What Is An Electrical Safety Check and Why You Need One

If you ever find yourself uncertain about the state of electrical equipment in your house, including the wiring, then you should consider an electrical safety check. These inspections are routine. City inspectors or your local electrician can perform them. Sometimes they’ll find nothing or something minor, or sometimes they’ll discover major problems and help you divert potential disasters. Either way,…
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Car Door Magnets vs. Vehicle Wraps: Which is Better?

Both car magnets and vehicle wraps offer huge advertising potential for any business. Every business owner wants to cut costs wherever necessary. Smaller businesses may not have the budget for billboards and expensive television commercials. It makes perfect sense for a business to use their vehicles as an advertisement. Learning which type of advertisement to choose ensures you make the…
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Blogging for Small Business: Is it Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Happy Blogger

Blogging has quickly become an important part of digital marketing. Blogging gives you a way to target a broader range of consumers, and the unique, fresh content will give you numerous search engine benefits. Many successful businesses are already realizing the value of blogging as a way to directly reach their target market while showcasing the latest news and offers…
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Tips for First Time Rental Property Owners

Rental property has been a consistently good investment choice for many people looking for steady passive income streams. A recent survey shows that 6 out of 10 landlords declare that it is more viable and profitable and to own rental property now than less than six years ago. While rental property can provide a lucrative return on investment, care needs to be…
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