Car Door Magnets vs. Vehicle Wraps: Which is Better?

Both car magnets and vehicle wraps offer huge advertising potential for any business. Every business owner wants to cut costs wherever necessary. Smaller businesses may not have the budget for billboards and expensive television commercials. It makes perfect sense for a business to use their vehicles as an advertisement. Learning which type of advertisement to choose ensures you make the right marketing decision. In this post, you will learn the advantages of car door magnets vs. vehicle wraps.

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What Budget Does Your Business Have for Advertising?

One way to help address which advertising route to take depends on your budget. A small business may need to allocate finances to other aspects of the company. These businesses will prefer the cost savings associated with using car magnets. It’s common to find car magnets for a business starting as low as $10-20 per piece. Larger magnets will have a higher cost per item. In most cases, the cost of using car magnets will be less than purchasing vehicle wraps.

Using magnets won’t display as much advertising space as an entire vehicle wrap will. The average cost of a vehicle wrap ranges between $1,500-3,000. Many companies feel the vehicle wrap cost is justified when considering how many drivers view their advertisements. If an employee drives in and around heavily populated towns, many people see them. It’s common for a business to receive anywhere from 10,000-100,000 daily impressions from daily drives. Multiplying the cost versus amount of impressions help to justify the cost of vehicle wraps, especially for larger businesses.

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Differences Between Magnets and Wraps

The size of a business is another factor in determining which vehicle advertisement to choose. You’ll often see larger operations make use of vehicle wraps. It might not make as much sense for a small business to use expensive wraps. Magnets are easily able to stick on and remove. A vehicle wrap is going to be a permanent vehicle advertisement that will have to be professionally removed. If your small business has workers that drive for the company, it’s wise to go with car magnets. Temporary magnets are going to be more preferred by employees. It’s not going to be easy to have an employee agree to have their own vehicle wrapped.

Potential Tax Write Off in Either Situation

One advantage of either wraps or magnets is the potential for tax savings. You won’t have the entire cost of either advertising option reimbursed completely. However, there are ways to have portions of vehicle advertising costs written off which adds up to a nice tax reduction.

In summary, many vehicles are choosing to advertise through either car magnets or vehicle wraps. Each form of vehicle advertising has its own distinct set of advantages. Smaller businesses are likely to enjoy the cost savings that come with car magnets. Larger business operations are better suited to using vehicle wraps over magnets. Business with fleet vehicles often chooses vehicle wraps. No matter which advertisement method you choose, vehicle advertising is a wise idea.

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