Blogging for Small Business: Is it Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan?

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Blogging has quickly become an important part of digital marketing. Blogging gives you a way to target a broader range of consumers, and the unique, fresh content will give you numerous search engine benefits. Many successful businesses are already realizing the value of blogging as a way to directly reach their target market while showcasing the latest news and offers they want to promote. It can be a complementary effort to the social media platforms you are already using and gives your followers the opportunity to learn more about your small business with a click of the mouse.

If you run a small business, you have likely heard of Instagram. You may even be working hard to gain Instagram followers and create brand loyalty. Then, there is Facebook which is often the first place potential customers go to find a local business. Having a blog gives your followers somewhere to go, something to read and even a place to enter competitions. The possibilities of what you publish and promote on your blog are endless.

Blogging helps to give your small business a voice and shows your customers you are an approachable brand who is technology savvy and Blogging 456wanting to connect. It gives you a platform to interact with customers on your own terms, answer questions, and create buzz around your products and services. Running a small business is competitive and having a strong digital marketing strategy will give your business that extra kick.

The quality of your content is going to be key, and showing you are professional and knowledgeable will help to cement your place as an expert in your field. You may even be able to use this as an advantage for your public relations efforts, allowing you to prove your ability to contribute quality information to media stories. Spelling, grammatical errors or misinformation can have a detrimental effect so it is essential you check your work before posting. It is also a smart idea to have policies on how to deal with any potential customer queries or complaints, especially if you allow open comments.

Blogs have an enormous potential to help boost your total search traffic too. By increasing your traffic and the amount of content available on your blog, you boost the likelyhood that other websites will naturally link to you, and as a result you’ll find a much better SEO results. If you want to take things to the next level you can always hire an SEO company to help with your efforts also.

If you haven’t considered blogging for your small business as part of your digital marketing strategy along with Instagram and other social networks, you may be missing out on potential customers. Chances are, your competitors are already benefiting from utilizing this added platform, boosting their search engine rankings and connecting with their customers.

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