5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Without Calling an Exterminator 

It is important to perform a building inspection of your home or business each month to find problems such as cockroaches. This filthy insect can invade a building by crawling through a sewer line. Female cockroaches carry egg cases that will have at least 40 infants that will hatch and begin looking for food. Within a few months, you can have hundreds of cockroaches. When you find cockroaches in a building, you may not have the money for professional extermination, but there are inexpensive ways to get rid of these disgusting insects on your own. Use these tips to eliminate cockroaches along with preventing new infestations.

cartoon image of funny brown cockroach with antennae and six legs walking with a knapsack on a stick behind his back on white background. Anthropomorphic cartoon cockroach

Tip 1: Repair the Plumbing Inside a Building

Cockroaches seek moisture, and when you have leaking water pipes or plumbing fixtures, the insects will enter a building to live in the walls. If the drywall, floor tiles or carpets in a building are contaminated with moisture, then you must clean and dry these items thoroughly.

Tip 2: Seal the Crevices and Holes Inside and Outside a Building

A cockroach can enter through tiny holes and crevices in a building’s foundation or around window frames. Use liquid caulking to fill the crevices and holes on a building’s exterior and interior surfaces. If there is a large hole, then use insulation to fill the space before sealing it completely.

Tip 3: Remove Clutter From a Building

When a building has a lot of clutter, you are more likely to have infestations of cockroaches. This variety of insect usually hides under cardboard boxes, piles of clothing and other debris. By making it difficult for cockroaches to hide underneath clutter, it is easier to eliminate the insects.

Cartoon of a Angry cockroach

Tip 4: Make Boric Acid Poisonous Doughballs

It is possible to eliminate cockroaches with poisonous boric acid dough balls. However, it is important to place these dough balls in places where family pets or people cannot access the items. Use a disposable bowl to mix flour, confectioners’ sugar, boric acid and water with a plastic spoon. Wear disposal plastic gloves to roll the dough balls, and place these items in disposable aluminum pans. Place the aluminum pans with the dough balls in the top cabinets in a kitchen or other difficult to reach areas. The cockroaches are attracted to the sugar, but after eating the dough, the boric acid will dry out the insect’s internal organs, causing the vermin to die.

Tip 5: Use Essential Oils To Eliminate Cockroaches

Cockroaches don’t like the odor from peppermint and cypress essential oils. Fill a plastic spray bottle with water before adding 20 drops of cypress oil and 30 drops of peppermint oil. After placing the lid on the spray bottle, shake the mixture thoroughly before using it on kitchen countertops, walls, and baseboards to eliminate or deter dirty cockroaches. You can also spray this mixture on a building’s window screens or around doors to keep the cockroaches from entering a building.

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