3 Tips For Fire Compliance For Your Business

3 Ways You Can Comply With Fire Safety Codes in Your Business

A fire incident can cause huge losses in your business and potentially destroy your life. That is why the federal and state governments have come up with various fire safety requirements to help people like you protect what they have worked hard for. Each business must pass a fire inspection routine done after every one year. This post will guide you through what you need to do to comply with fire safety regulations and keep your business safe.

Get the Right Equipment

Make sure your business has the right fire safety equipment. These include fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and sprinklers. Install the equipment in a place where you can easily retrieve them in the event of a fire. Unless it is a fire alarm or smoke detector, do not place any equipment on shelves, on a different floor or in a room that is difficult to access. Fire safety equipment should be easily accessible, identifiable and appropriate for the commercial space it is located within.

For the fire equipment to work properly, you must do regular maintenance. Some people install their equipment and leave them there for months only do realize they are not working after a fire occurs. Hire a certified fire technician to check your equipment after every two months to ensure they are working properly.

Hand writing an Emergency Evacuation Plan on clipboard beside Exit Door

Have an Emergency Plan

You need to come up with a detailed and viable emergency plan to help you respond appropriately in case of a fire. The plan must outline the actions that will be taken from the moment the fire alarm goes off to the time the threat recedes. Involve your employees when making the plan. Walk through your business premises and inspect all possible exits and escape routes. Make sure you have at least two escape routes, several evacuation signs as well as a fire assembly point. Have every person remember the emergency number of the fire department. You can put the number on a notice board where everyone can access it.

You can’t have an effective emergency plan if your employees do not understand their respective roles when dealing with a fire. Make sure each and everyone knows what he is supposed to do. This may involve holding regular fire drills and lessons.

Also, make sure the employees know how to operate the fire equipment in the business. Let one or two experts from the fire department come to the premises and take them through the basic procedures.

Determine Whether the Business Building is Safe from Fire

Determine whether your building meets the recommendations outlined in the fire safety codes. For example, it must have openings and penetrations of fire barriers as well as spacious and visible escape routes. In case you are not sure of what requirements apply to your building, visit the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) website for more insight.

Complying with fire safety rules can help you avoid serious damages and losses in the business. Get the right fire equipment, have an emergency plan and carry out regular fire drills.

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