3 Amazing Private Kakadu Tours in Darwin

When booking a private tour through Darwin, you’ll be given an insider’s look at what to expect ahead of time for whichever region interests you most. Booking such a private tour will allow you to have a knowledgeable expert to turn to with any questions you might have about the area. It also helps if you are completely unfamiliar with Kakadu and important details behind your trip, such as how to get around, what places are best and safest for tourists, what types of things you can do every day, and so on. That’s definitely true if you’d like to seek out a route that is lesser known and doesn’t know where to begin. Each of the tours discussed here is guaranteed to give you some inspiration to start with.

Charter North

Offered as one of the many official private Kakadu tours from Darwin, this private single day tour is an exclusive experience that will show you and your family some of the greatest highlights to be found in the Darwin outback camping area. The tour takes place on 4WD, with ice cold water provided to guests. A highly experienced guide will show you around the expansive Darwin out back where you will come across all the choice natural waterfall locations that Litchfield has to offer, including Wangi Falls, Tolmer Falls, and Florence Falls. Accommodations include pickup and drop off and a healthy lunch and snacks will be provided. This option also includes the renowned Adelaide River Crocodile Cruise. Green season tours that are typically longer, such as 4 or 6-day tours, are more readily available during such seasons where the foliage is lush and full of life.

Jim Jim Falls from above, Kakadu. Top End, Northern Territory, Australia

Sacred Earth Safari’s

Sacred Earth offers the ultimate in safari experiences. Based and local to the Darwin area, it is run by a husband and wife team who are very hands on with the company and its success. All the guides are very involved with the guests and they make sure everyone who travels with them feel they are getting the most out of their adventurous experience. Whether it’s rough terrain or easy sailing, all tours are done using 4WD vehicles that are well maintained and stocked with emergency supplies. Their packages are tailor made to provide a personal experience for all participants, no matter their interest. Interested in trekking the outback for a day and then heading back home? No problem. Or would you rather set up a tent and enjoy a night or three under the stars, in one of the greatest places Kakadu has to offer? There’s a package for that too.

Ethical Tours

Ethical Tours is a fantastic option for anyone seeking a private tour that is more than just a tour. Those who want so much more from their safari experience will find it in one of Ethical Tours’ gorgeous location packages. They offer brunch by the beach, which is available on demand and on charter and can be enjoyed for half the day. There is a package to apply to any season in wondrous places like Litchfield National Park, Berry Springs, and Territory Wildlife Park ideal for the wildlife enthusiasts or photographers.

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