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How Women Are Using Snapchat To Sell Premium Snapchat Accounts

There are a lot of different ways that people are making money online. One of the premier ways to doing this is through the solution of working with social media solutions. One of the options that are being used often is that of Snapchat subscriptions and sales. This process is something that many people are taking advantage of, and are working through a wide variety of different options overall. In order to understand how they are doing this, you need to know what Snapchat is, and how it works in terms of commerce overall.

Snapchat Versus Other Social Networks

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is that this social media solution is unlike others in certain ways. But it does do a lot of the things that you would otherwise not be a able to process through. Snapchat lets you communicate with a lot of other people, but it also eliminates the messages, pictures, videos, and other media within a short span of time. Once it’s gone, it cannot be accessed any longer. It’s a limited time, limited edition type of networking and communication solution. However, porn on Snapchat is not really a big deal, and some people actually prefer it.

Premium Snapchat Basics

Because of the limited edition formatting of the network, many people are selling access to special solutions behind a pay wall. This is often utilized by individuals that are selling nude photographs, videos, and other elements of a sexual nature. That is not the only people that are selling networking, etc. With the recent release of the Snapchat desktop camera, users with now be able to take a live video of themselves and stream it on Twitch.

Premium solutions are advertised by individuals that are then purchased by individuals. Individuals purchase the rights to have access to the premier solutions, and are only accepted by the end user. If the end user deems a person has eligibility through the purchase of a premium solution, they will be given access to a screen name and option that is open only to a select group of individuals.

This can be a one time fee, it can be a membership solution, or it could very well be something else to take into consideration. Premium snapchat solutions are based on limited engagement, and access to individual updates that are not available to the general public.


No Major Resource

Focusing on the way that things work, it’s imperative to realize that there is no solution that is built into the network. Snapchat does not have a standard solution that comes together within the framework of selling access. An individual that is selling access to an account relays information from another source.

For instance, a person will advertise that they are selling access to nudes on Snapchat account via Twitter, Facebook, or other sites. They will tell their followers how they can purchase access, and will begin publishing special engagements. It’s a simple solution that works well, but is outside of the Snapchat network itself.


Content Is The Critical Element

As for focusing on how people are using Snapchat to sell premium content, it’s imperative to realize that the content is what people are seeking. The grand majority of premium account access falls into two categories.

The first solution could be a matter of celebrity solutions. The initial celebrity options give access to people that otherwise would not be able to talk to them, see their updates, and get digital access points to famous individuals.

The second solution is of a sexual nature. The most common solution is also found within this arena. Individuals sell access to a premium Snapchat that focuses on videos, images, stories, and even direct contact with individuals showing nudity and sexual elements. These are otherwise focused on pornographic material. To gain access to these accounts, an individual has to pay the performer or person that owns the Snapchat account, and then gets access to a name that is supposed to be kept secret.

The bigest problem with selling your nudes on Snapchat is that they often get leaked or stolen. We can find examples of many leaked snapchat selfies online, on websites like The recent explosion of  porn Snapchat has become the new standard for millennials, and it keeps growing.


The Price Points of Premium Snapchats

Focusing on premium solutions, you will find that there are access points that can be relegated to several points of reference. On the low end, some accounts could cost as little as one time fees of $5 to upwards of $100 or even $1,000 depending on the demand for the individuals content.

Another solution that falls under premiums, is found within the monthly fee structure. A person will pay a monthly fee for access, and that’s it. They will then only get access by paying subsequent monthly fees to the owner of the Snapchat account.

At the end of the day, the way that people sell access to accounts comes through with the notion of selling content and access. It’s relegated to mostly adult material.

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