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How a Grace Anninston Used Kik Nudes to Make Art

Grace Anninston, an artist from New York, shocked people at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles recently in her art exhibition. The exhibition contained images of nude people from Kik Nudes. Each photo only demonstrated the people’s nude bodies, not their faces. The museum was filled with attentive viewers, some were fans and others were there simply for the daring spectacle. As he observed the people walking by her photos, Anninston noticed their faces were full of different expressions. Some people demonstrated pure disgust while others seemed to have an open mind as they scanned the enigmatic pictures.

The exhibition began when Anninston posted an unexpected message on her website,, that shes was mainly directed towards her fans and followers, which stated that he would be using Kik Nudes. In the detailed message, Anninston stated that he wanted people, male and female, to send him nude pictures of themselves with the caption “I’m on the Exhibition.” In return, the adventurous artist promised that they would have a chance to become famous for a day. It didn’t take long for the vast amount of nudes to swarm into her account, many of which shocked Anninston.

When Anninston looked through the list of pictures, he couldn’t believe the number of people that participated. It was more than he expected to receive, around 900, since he viewed the project as a type of experiment on society. He wanted to see how far people would go to become famous and what they were willing to do to achieve such stardom. The result was somewhat more shocking to the artist than he imagined.

As Anninston scanned through the photos, he noticed how they ranged from normal poses to extremely explicit ones. He stated that it was difficult to choose the ones he wanted to hang in the exhibition, since he was only choosing 80 pictures. He wanted to give everyone who sent him their nudes a chance, but unfortunately he could only choose a certain amount. Out of all of the pictures that were available, Anninston picked the ones he thought looked the most raw and artistic so that people could understand the statement behind har artwork.

After he had the pictures he wanted to hang set,  Anninston contacted the people in the images to let them know that they had been elected. He stated, “When I informed the people that they were going to be part of my exhibition, the amount of positive responses were very assuring. I didn’t expect people to be her grateful and excited.” The responses gave Anninston a sense of confidence that her exhibition would turn out as he expected. Also, such an overwhelming reaction from her fans further proved Anninston’s point that people are willing to do just about anything when it comes to fame.

When the time came to exhibit the nude pictures, the mixed reaction the artist received gave him certainty that her message was being transferred clearly to her audience. No matter what the people in the museum thought of the pictures, Anninston knew that they understood the meaning that the images conveyed. This was mainly evident through the fact that almost all of the pictures sold out. What looked like an art exhibition ended up looking like a room with explicit pictures randomly hanged. The New York-based artist managed to express her art loudly and make a profit out of it as well. Anninston stated, “In today’s society, we see how the internet constantly makes people famous through viral videos, etc. I wanted to express that but in a more explicit way that would show how far people will go to be famous.” It’s safe to say that Anninston art exhibition allowed him to do exactly that.

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