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Why Women Should Use Snapchat for Sending Nudes

Nude pictures are completely synonymous with Snapchat. Why would you send your nudes through text again when Snapchat offers more fun? More emojis are involved, it’s much more private. The following are the reason why Snapchat is the best app for secret nudes:

1. Tease with the Timer

One of the most ideal parts of making use of Snapchat is that the images disappear. While you watch a video again after the one allotted replay or you want to stare at a photo, part of Snapchat’s inbuilt ability is that you can’t. Because Snapchat turns everyone into a tease. If you need to see a video again ask your partner if they save their video. Some girls save their nudes for self satisfaction. If you have already talked about then, it is okay to screenshot it.

2. You can check Their Sexting Moments

This works best when you follow some Snapchat accounts who sext on their Snapchat stories. Anytime you find someone who does this, you will be surprised at what they post on their stories. With stories, you will be able to re-watch them at any time you want. The story on their Snapchat almost becomes a compilation video or highlight reel of the best parts of porn. Since we all know we had rather skip the acting part and get straight to the best stuff.

Also, if you’ve a lady friend who is sending you sexy nude pictures, you can watch that moment again. If you are lucky maybe she will set the timer of her photo to unlimited. But that is only if you are lucky.

3. Censor Yourself or Don’t

You need to consider Emojis as the improved and new sensor bars. Anytime you are sending nudes, you want to build that nervousness to a peak and part of doing that may include making use of Emojis to edit make the pictures more appealing and to censor yourself. You can also make use of the drawing feature to get the same result. Filters, drawing feature and Emojis can be used to create some amusingly artful with Snapchat nudes.

4. Better than Porn

Sometime nudes are better than porn, because it’s something personal. The thing that make Snapchat nudes more sexier is watching your partner get naked and this is better than watching the porn stars in the industry get naked. Also, you can ask your partner to do some certain things for you that you find sexy.

5. Talk Dirty

Some people do not think about the feature that is available on Snapchat such as the voice memo. When you are on Snapchat, you must ensure that you are not forgetting that the person on the other side can hear what you are doing. If you don’t feel like talking dirty, you can make use of the text feature. If you do not want to say what you are thinking out loud, you can type it. This will help you to feel better and you’ll be able to think about what you want to say before typing and sending it.


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