Daily Archive: August 8, 2017

Blogging for Small Business: Is it Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan?

Happy Blogger

Blogging has quickly become an important part of digital marketing. Blogging gives you a way to target a broader range of consumers, and the unique, fresh content will give you numerous search engine benefits. Many successful businesses are already realizing the value of blogging as a way to directly reach their target market while showcasing the latest news and offers…
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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches Without Calling an Exterminator 

It is important to perform a building inspection of your home or business each month to find problems such as cockroaches. This filthy insect can invade a building by crawling through a sewer line. Female cockroaches carry egg cases that will have at least 40 infants that will hatch and begin looking for food. Within a few months, you can…
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What Are Bored Piers and Who Uses Them?

Bored piers, also called bored piles, are durable and unbreakable concrete pillars that construction engineers drill deep into the ground to support multi-storey buildings. In tall office blocks, piers play a crucial role by providing sound footing to the houses several meters high. Since engineers understand that the concrete slabs in buildings can rise, sink, or break; therefore, compromising the…
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